2017/9/21-24 ・日本物理学会(岩手大) 原田君、鈴木君、クリューガー

2017/8/21-9/2 ・P. Krüger gives talk at NanoTeC17 conference, Nantes, France

past events

2017/7/19・Latest Paper: Chemical Bond Modification upon Phase Transformation of TiO2 Nanoribbons Revealed by Nanoscale X-ray Linear Dichroism, P. Krüger, M. Sluban, P. Umek, P. Guttmann and C. Bittencourt, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017.

2017/7/10-11 ・Visit by Dr Luca Castiglioni from Zurich University (CH). Group seminar and discussions on ultrafast dynamics of photoemission spectroscopy

2017/6/10-11 ・Visit by Mr Ryo Mori from University of California Berkeley (USA). Collaboration on ARPES of 2DEG at oxide interfaces

2017/4/6-5/4 ・Visit by Dr Carla Bittencourt from Mons University (Belgium). Collaboration on electronic structure and X-ray spectra of titania nanoparticles

2017/4/1> Dr Yoyo Hinuma (Frontier Science Chiba U) starts joining regular group seminar

2017/4/1> B4 students Cho kun, Maekawa kun, Park kun, Tachibana kun and Tokuhiro kun join research group.

2017/2/1> Thomas Guehenneux (M2 student from Nantes University, France) joins group as research student. Topic: Simulation of semiconductor to metallic phase in MoTe2

2015/10/7 ・ Web pages about students exchange are opened. For Japanese here, for visitor here.

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