International Symposium on Spectro-Microscopy of Functional Materials and Interfaces
Chiba, Japan, 28 October 2019

Chiba University   Nishi-Chiba campus  
Engineering Research Building II   (T19,工学総合研究棟2, Bldg 10 on map)   2nd Floor, Conference Room
Organisation: Peter Krüger   Secretary: Yuri Shinozuka

for registration and abstract submission (extended):   13 October 2019

Functionalization of surfaces and interfaces at the nanometer scale through chemical doping and adsorption makes it possible to design novel materials for targeted properties. Nanoscale microscopy is crucial to control and analyze the novel materials. When combined with high resolution spectroscopic techniques such X-ray absorption, Electron Energy Loss, Scanning Gate Microscopy and Photoelectron Diffraction, a thorough analysis of the local structural, chemical and electronic structure is achieved. The aim of this symposium is to bring together international experts of different spectrocopic and microscopic analysis techniques for interface and materials science, including theorists, in order to create a synergy and discuss latest developments and future avenues in spectro-microscopy.

List of Invited Speakers  
Carla Bittencourt     Mons U., Belgium
Thomas Greber     Zurich U., Switzerland
Fumihiko Matsui     Inst. Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan
Keisuke Hatada     Toyama U., Japan
Nobuyuki Aoki     Chiba U., Japan
Nobuyuki Ichikuni     Chiba U., Japan

Monday, 28 October 2019, 10:15-17:30
Invited talks: 25 min + 10 min discussion. Contributed talks: 15 min + 5 min discussion.
Time   Speaker Title
9:45 Registration opens
10:15 (P. Krüger) Opening address
10:20 Session: Functional materials and devices (Chair: M. Matsui)
10:20 Carla Bittencourt Functionalization of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes: low-kinetic energy oxygen ion irradiation
10:55 Nobuyuki Ichikuni Development of Base Metal Nanocluster Catalysts for Liquid Phase Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohol
11:30 Nobuyuki Aoki Doping effect and phase transition of MoTe2 by laser irradiation and TFET application
12:05 Kohei Sakanashi Quantum transport phenomena in encapsulated graphene
12:25 Lunch break
13:30 Session: Advances in photoelectron spectroscopy (Chair: P. Krüger)
13:30 Thomas Greber XPD for characterisation of molecular switching on surfaces
14:05 Fumihiko Matsui Momentum/Real-space Photoemission Station at UVSOR-III Resonating Photoelectrons and Auger Electrons
14:40 Kaori Niki Organic molecular crystal surface analysis method using photoelectron momentum map
15:00 Ryota Ono ARPES calculations of Weyl semi metal candidate MoTe2
15:20 Posters and Coffee
16:15 Session: X-ray absorption spectroscopy and STM (Chair: N. Ichikuni)
16:15 Keisuke Hatada Full potential multiple scattering approach for core electron spectroscopies with synchrotron radiation
16:50 Nana NazriqStripe formation and correlated molecule hopping in 1.4x1.4 monolayer phase of CO/Cu(111)
17:10 Peter KrügerTransition metal L-edge spectra calculations with non-empirical parameters
17:30 (N. Ichikuni) Closing remarks

18:00-20:00   Workshop Dinner at Sawasuke Restaurant, Nishi-Chiba

Posters (15:20-16:15)  
Speaker Title
J. KogoTheoretical calculation of XMCD for Mn2VAl
Manabu NishimuraPreparation of SiO2-supported Ni nanoparticle catalyst for water gas shift reaction and XAFS analysis
Ryunosuke SagehashiControlling the electronic state of atomic layer superconductor by organic molecule adsorption