Past events

  • 2017/9/27-10/7

    Visit by Prof. Dongchen Qi from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Collaboration on X-ray absorption spectroscopy of transition metal phthalocyanines. Master course lecture (10/3)

  • 2017/8/21-9/2

    P. Krüger gives talk at NanoTeC17 conference, Nantes, France

  • 2017/7/10-11

    Visit by Dr Luca Castiglioni from Zurich University (CH). Group seminar and discussions on ultrafast dynamics of photoemission spectroscopy

  • 2017/6/10-11

    Visit by Mr Ryo Mori from University of California Berkeley (USA). Collaboration on ARPES of 2DEG at oxide interfaces

  • 2017/4/6-5/4

    Visit by Dr Carla Bittencourt from Mons University (Belgium). Collaboration on electronic structure and X-ray spectra of titania nanoparticles

  • 2017/4/1

    Dr Yoyo Hinuma (Frontier Science Chiba U) starts joining regular group seminar

  • 2017/4/1

    B4 students Cho kun, Maekawa kun, Park kun, Tachibana kun and Tokuhiro kun join research group

  • 2017/2/1

    Thomas Guehenneux (M2 student from Nantes University, France) joins group as research student. Topic: Simulation of semiconductor to metallic phase in MoTe2

  • 2015/12/5 ・ Latest Paper: Theory of x-ray absorption and linear dichroism at the Ca L23-edge of CaCO3, Peter Krüger and Calogero R. Natoli, J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 2016, in press.

    2015/11/1-5 ・ Visit by Dr Simon Moser (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland) .

    2015/11/5-6 ・ Visit by Dr Olivier Pierre-Louis (CNRS, University of Lyon, France). Master-Course Lecture on Solid-state wetting and dewetting 11/5, 16:10, 自然2マルチメディア室

    2015/11/11 ・Visit by Dr Lionel Combemale (University of Dijon, France). Seminar on Hydrogen energy and fuel cells. 13:00, 自然2マルチメディア室

    2015/4/1 ・三人の新四年生が配属されました。

    2015/10/7 ・ Web pages about students exchange are opened. For Japanese here, for visitor here.

    2015/7/23-8/20 ・ Visit by Dr Didier Sébilleau and Dr Keisuke Hatada, Rennes University (France). Collaboration on full-potential Multiple Scattering theory, UPD. [IRSES-MSnano exchange].

    2015/7/14-8/3 ・ Visit by Mr Gerald Derondeau from München University (LMU), collaboration on ARPES theory. Lecture (7/17) "Introduction to the Munich SPRKKR method and code". [IRSES-MSnano exchange].

    2015/7/6-14 ・Visit by Dr Carla Bittencourt from Mons University (Belgium), collaboration on X-ray absorption spectroscopy for solar energy materials. Lecture (7/9) on "Scanning photoelectron microscopy: A powerful technique for probing nanostructures"

    2015/7/27-28 MSNano Workshop New Trends in X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Multiple Scattering Theory

    2015/6/1-2 ・ Visit by Dr. Luca Castiglioni from Zürich University, Lecture on "Light-matter interaction at atomic length and time scales".

    2015/2/16 ・ Project Kick-off Workshop Computing novel functions in low-dimensional systems